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Please don't write a comment on my profile thanking for a fave, llama, etc. Instead, thank you for making nice art or being so kind.

I read every comment I receive, even if I may not respond directly. I generally respond to direct queries that I am comfortable answering or have a definite answer to, though I may still openly express gratitude here and there. It's because I don't like filling my own deviations with mostly just filler-type comments from or by myself.

But, of course, I genuinely try to appreciate all comments of criticism and/or praise, even if I don't actually say so directly.


Generally, I don't post this stuff here, unless I say or do so otherwise (ex. I do one as a discrete or surprise gift):

:bulletred: Derpy Hooves, Rainbow Dash, or Vinyl Scratch
:bulletred: OCs, Ponysonas, or OCxCanon interactions
:bulletred: Shipping
:bulletred: NSFW and/or adult-oriented work (not even as a gift or request, though; in fact, this is actually beyond my ability.)

I'm not big on shipping, or romance that isn't platonic. At first I was oblivious to it, but that's changed. Thankfully, I'm only one person—there are numerous other alternatives for expecting the content you want, I'm sure! ;)

Looking for bases?


:bulletgreen:"Me" stuff::bulletgreen:

Musta na! I'm Ryan, I live and study in San Francisco, California, and I act a lot younger than my age implies. I'm not yet experiencing the university life, but hopefully I will in the near future. I wouldn't call myself an artist, per se, but I strive to produce high-quality vectors or vector-based fan "art" based on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

And I try not to dabble with overly mainstream topics even within MLP, though I might find ways to find what I might see as underrated within that medium and contribute to that. Sometimes things are just a part of a hierarchy that way, and I never choose just one area because I enjoy different things, not just a few. Even still, I do things for enjoyment as opposed to outreach, material gains, or popularity. Most of the time I try to pick subjects where I can expect to receive no comments or for few people to understand any intended subliminal messages...most of the time.

Other than ponies, I like watching gymnastics, am a Nintendo-fan, and a casual enthusiast of aviation and railroading.

Favorite ♂s:
Flash Sentry flying by Botchan-MLPParty Favor trotting by Botchan-MLPSoarin' flying by Botchan-MLPNeon Lights idle by Botchan-MLPThunderlane sleeping left by fanofetcetera
Favorite ♀s:
Twinkleshine trotting right and blinking by fanofetceteraRaindrop by InkyTophatSugar Belle idle by Botchan-MLPApple Fritter by james539Fluttershy mouseover by DeathPwny
If only all the ones I wanted had desktop ponies tho


:bulletgreen:What you should know about my DA and its uploads::bulletgreen: (...wall of text warning.)

:bulletgreen: The featured character, Crescent Moon (aka; Papermoon), is not my OC, but a canon background pony in the show, one of several that were probably hastily made using other existing earth and unicorn ponies as templates for the Sonic Rainboom episode in Season 1. I don't consider him part of my Doctor Who fanon, and despite using him as an avatar in numerous places, my favor still generally falls with numerous obscure characters like him.

:bulletyellow: Most of the material posted here is traced or uses a reference, generally from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and related media. Sometimes I make a reusable vector out of a screencap from the show (because people apparently like and use it for stuff, myself included) or use various instances and make something you might call "fan art" out of it.

:bulletgreen: Most of the material here is of stallion or male ponies. I emphasize on these characters since I always figured that since the show is female-oriented, female characters (whether they are mares or fillies or minor or major characters) were always going to be well-covered by the fandom's army of vector artists. Granted, there are many stallions and colts that have their own share of popularity and reach, and mares and fillies that are more or less ignored in comparison. At the same time, there are going to be obscure characters that even I haven't covered; like everyone else, I have my own share of favorites and biases too. That's why it's nice to have more people around to participate in this type of effort if they please. This isn't to say that I hate popular characters or their fanbases outright (except in extreme cases); you'll just see less of them on my profile, since I don't feel so much obliged to contribute to their content, even if I like them.

:bulletred: You will not find edited/posed Double Rainboom/DHX-leaked/other puppets as "vectors" here in place of my usual uploads, and I don't have/know Adobe Flash or have any Adobe Products that aren't Photoshop, so even if I wanted to (which I don't), I can't. That said, I may reuse resources, but from my own past vectors, typically if parts are not seen in a reference image, cut off/heavily obscured or otherwise. That, or I trace from another image. I also try not to reuse poses too much, because most of you I assume don't like stock vectors after a while, right? If I reuse something from someone else, I'll usually cite it in an upload's description if I remember. The farthest I would use "official" resources such as DHX puppets or show assets used in Flash games would be for the RGB color codes for parts in order to be as accurate as can be in that fashion, or for vectoring over cutie marks that aren't so easily seen in the show, but this is all I can think of at this moment.

Everything else is aimed to be vectored/traced from scratch, with the aim of each vector being a bit neater and higher quality than the last, and to try out new things if necessary, instead of reusing the same resource (or someone else's) over and over. To me, progress is important, and easier to attain in great amounts by putting in the work and gaining experience. One could argue that it doesn't apply since I work off the show, but the show itself improves in quality as it progresses (whether you want to say visually or in writing is your call), and sometimes you just need to learn new things and get better to keep up.

On the subject of reused resources, sometimes I may feel I may annoy another user by mentioning them every time I credit them when I use a cutie mark, for instance, and have it appear in their inboxes each time. In these cases, I may vector my own personal resource of the same thing (off the show, of course) so that I don't have to do that. Beyond that...I'd much rather vector my own resources than to constantly reuse, recolor, and edit other people's stuff to make what I want.

:bulletorange: I do not intend on making :points: or otherwise off tracing the show for labor or otherwise (in the sense that others are more deserving of it than me). I do this for my own enjoyment and leisure.

:bulletyellow: I don't work on or upload OCs here, at least by request. If I ever do make one, it's typically a gift from my own will and I send it to the recipient by another network or profile, usually, but not always privately. I don't have an OC or ponysona; I'd much rather focus on or relate to obscure canon and underdeveloped characters, and usually find people to associate with this way as common fans. That being said, I intend on keeping OCs and canon characters separate. My general relationship and opinion on OCs is...complicated.

:bulletgreen: Some deviations feature vector source files (SVGs). Most don't. If it's a cutie mark, well-recognized character, a character with an uncommon physique or build, a backdrop, or a remix in itself, you should find them. The rest, not so much. If I always did recognizable and known-characters, it'd probably be different. I grew tired of being seen as "the guy with all the background noponies for people to shoehorn their OCs over"; I still might be, but what used to be uncredited SVG edits are now MSPaintbucketed masterpieces or otherwise forcing people to vector over my stuff (if they feel like taking the effort or know how), which is the lesser of the two evils to me.

:bulletgreen: I don't make bases (the ones you use with MSPaint, GIMP, etc.), and I don't endorse them either. Specific deviations featuring more popular characters or easier works might be exempt. Most others, I don't want any more bases made from.
Check respective deviations for these: :iconnobases1plz::iconnobases2plz:
Still looking for bases?

This goes without saying; I do not own any characters or the art style that I trace out of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic TV series. This is mostly for those of you who probably thought of accusing me of stealing these characters by tracing them out of the show, claiming that I claim to own these characters, and/or originally created them. If you don't recognize a character, then chances are that's why I vectored them; because they are so obscure and unknown.


"We wanted to let you know that your Core Member status and privileges will be expiring on January 3rd, 2017."

Something's not quite right there...
So this thing about yet another Redubble art thief spread overnight, if you haven't already seen other people posting about it.

I'll just put these here:
For sure more where that came from, but some of it has been called out by others on the respective deviations already.

Unfortunately, our laws on fair use, IP, and copyright date back to decades ago so this is all still subjective, like how far you dig down when you consider fan art in and of itself is technically infringing but doesn't hurt anyone until there's money involved, and furthermore, pops up whenever there's anything like C&D concerning a well-known person or thing or a Peacock network having exclusive rights to the Olympic Games for corporate-not-consumer benefit.  Not that people's concern over this stuff is a bad thing, though.  They have every right to feel as they do, and they have all of my support (as just another vectorizing person) which is why I still felt obligated to doing a journal like this.

Edit: It seems the Redbubble account has been taken care of.
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Splatmoon by ChainChomp2
So originally I ordered this game off Amazon on the day it won Best Shooter and Best Multiplayer at the 2015 Game Awards, when it was $10 off, before it got delivered a couple days after. (Although, during Black Friday it was apparently available for half that at Walmart, according to my aunt.)  I proceeded to not touch it over the next few weeks, and kept putting off playing it (it and Super Mario Maker, which I got a week earlier) either because I still had classes and exams to come, or because I wanted to focus on finishing other things like ordering and packing Christmas gifts before I'd get sucked into playing these games.

Fast forward to January 4th when I finally opened the game and had a go at it.  All I can say after that is that a couple days later I'd been consumed by it (and loved the final boss) and had the idea of this little comic thing, although I'd kept putting that off too.  By the evening of the 10th, I'd already put in 69 hours into the thing.  After that...instead of 10-12 hours daily it was more like 3 or 4, since I kept pressuring myself to start vectoring this here thing, though I wanted to keep playing Splatoon so badly.  Having my spring college semester not start until the 19th may have helped a bit.

Eventually only got to work on it in the afternoon on the day the North American Past/Future-themed Splatfest would start, and would finish it about 15 minutes into Splatfest.  I'm sure this joke has been done before but it applies to my past week and a half rather accurately.

I think I need more pointers for backgrounds, even simple ones like these.

Dlsclaimer: Nonsensical crossovers like this aren't supposed to make sense to begin with; don't look too deep into it.

Other disclaimer: The pony depicted is "Crescent Moon", not "Doctor Whooves", despite the resemblance.

Time: 3 hours



Also on Tumblr (Tumblr Icon).

Made as fan art of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, copyright Hasbro and produced by DHX Media, and Splatoon, copyright Nintendo.
Splatoon has taken over my next week.

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Pi(e) Day by ChainChomp2
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