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A Background Six: What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me by ChainChomp2 A Background Six: What My Cutie Mark is Telling Me by ChainChomp2
Affectionately based on this by :iconpika4chu:Pika4Chu which was based on the original song.

This came about when I thought about expanding my tracing/vectoring knowledge by trying something different than spending hours vectoring a screencap from the show of a favorite character, and was quite fun to make. Especially when I saw the Doctor couldn't just be a trace-over of Twilight, being a stallion and all. I loved the original picture that much I just had to vector it! :iconawesomewhoovesplz:

Time: ~15 hours which included a sleepless night...totally worth it. :D


Octavia Cutie Mark by :iconhawk9mm:Hawk9mm
Vinyl Scratch's Cutie Mark by :iconthe-smiling-pony:The-Smiling-Pony
Bon Bon Cutie Mark by :iconthe-smiling-pony:The-Smiling-Pony
Lyra Heartstrings Cutie Mark by :iconmandydax:mandydax
Derpy Hooves's Cutie Mark (Dysprosium) by :iconparclytaxel:Parclytaxel
Doctor Whooves Cutie Mark by :iconthe-smiling-pony:The-Smiling-Pony

1920x1080: BG6: WMCMITM 1920x1080 by ChainChomp2

~ Fixed Vinyl's mouth
~ Added a tie to the Doctor
~ Everyone's except Bon Bon's and the Doctor's head is now rounder and less bumpy
~ Bon Bon's hair is now layered over her eye and eyebrow
~ Derpy's mane and tail uses correct model
~ Most outlines thickened
~ Fixed fill issues
~ Lyra's eyebrow sharpened and eyelashes identical to each other
~ Doctor's tie design corrected
~ Lyra's mane and horn lowered
~ Vinyl's horn fixed
~ Mouth outlines thinned
~ Doctor's tail model corrected
~ Mouth outlines thinned again
~ Octavia raised
~ Tie outline on the Doctor's tie darkened
~ Colors changed for Derpy, Lyra, and the Doctor to the new :iconmlp-vectorclub: color guide
~ Octavia's mouth fill fixed
~ Mouth colors fixed again
~ Vinyl's eye color changed to moderate cerise
~ Doctor's eye color updated and eyelash models corrected, fill and stroke width errors corrected

:iconmlp-vectorclub:MLP-VectorClub submission edits
~ More fill errors corrected
~ Gave Derpy missing eye highlight
~ Doctor's mane rootline tapered
~ Bon Bon's eye accents and cutie mark fixed
~ Octavia's mane fixed
~ Vinyl's flank stroke fixed


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March 30, 2013
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