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Princess Neon Lights by ChainChomp2 Princess Neon Lights by ChainChomp2
'Officially' known as either "Rising Star" (an early fanon name before the Enterplay CCG adopted it) or "Neon Lights" from the 14th wave of blindbag toys.  Stage name also known as "MC W1SH".

I called him a Princess because so far, alicorns have only been female officially.  Thus, there is a title of "Princess" for mares who ascend, but since no stallion has ascended (yet), there is no official equivalent masculine title (it'd probably be Prince, but Shining Armor is a Prince and is not an alicorn, therefore, we can freely jump to the b*stardized conclusion that Princesses are alicorns in Equestria, and vice versa, in the sense that the two terms are interchangeable, but that does not apply to "Prince").  Until one has, I will be referring to male alicorns as "Princesses" as my way of protesting the lack of a canon male alicorn, and as soon as there is one such title, I will be using that one from then on.  As much as I might want a male alicorn to happen, animation errors unfortunately don't count.  That, and it's a joke.  And I just explained the joke.  So it's not a good one, not that it matters.   Don't like it?  Wait until there's an official male alicorn and we'll both be happy.

Princess Big Macintosh
Princess Time Turner

So many new and unique background and minor characters from today's episode!  And yet, I haven't done any of them and made this animation error from early in the episode instead, which I didn't even trace from the episode itself.  I did make his sleeves a bit larger, since even from how tiny and far away he was in the video I still felt they were a little too small.  In the original his wings were also layered behind his shirt, but instead I layered them over it and added a couple fills to make it look like it's coming out of his shirt.

Time: 2 hours


Neon Lights appears in this form at 02:34 in Episode 8 of Season 4 (Rarity Takes Manehattan), but I did not trace this from that episode.


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